Mecklenburg sheriff “putting politics over public safety,” ICE says

One of newly elected Sheriff Gerry McFadden’s first moves was to extricate Mecklenburg County from the 287(g) program that helps identify illegal immigrants in the county jail.

The federal Immigrations and Customs Enforcement agency said Friday that the move amounts to “putting politics over public safety,” according to WSOC’s Joe Bruno.

The 287(g) program allows county jail officials to identify and detail illegal immigrants in concert with ICE. When Mecklenburg participated in the program, if somebody at the jail was an illegal immigrant, ICE would be notified and the inmate would be held until they were picked up.

Now the inmates are held or released based on their local crimes only. That’s forced ICE to make more arrests out in the community, the agency says.

ICE arrested some 200 illegal immigrants in the past week in Charlotte, Sanford and elsewhere around North Carolina. At a press conference, an ICE representative said one of the people released from Mecklenburg County jail was an illegal immigrant who shot somebody with an AK-47.

[Read more from Joe Bruno’s Twitter]


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