N.C. Senate forms new committee to study prison safety

In the wake of five staff deaths at a North Carolina prison, the state Senate is forming a committee to figure out how to make correctional facilities safer.

Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger announced the formation of the committee on Wednesday. It will be lead by Sen. Bob Steinburg, a Chowan County Republican whose district includes both the Bertie Correctional Institution and Pasquotank Correctional Institution.

The five prison staff deaths came in 2017 at the Pasquotank facility.

North Carolina has already committed $15 million toward beefing up prison safety.

photo by: fsecart

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  1. The biggest problem is advice from staff is unwelcomed. If staff input were solicited, more officers would embrace performing their job, if our concerns were given appropriate action..
    Facilities that are understaffed (many) should be consolidated to maximize available staff. There are too many facilities working more with less. My facility (Neuse) should close certain inmate housing areas, to maximize staff.

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