Coastal N.C. at odds over the future Mark Basnight Bridge

A bridge slated to be renamed after former Senate president Marc Basnight has divided residents of coastal North Carolina.

The bridge, formerly known as the Bonner Bridge, re-opened this week after repairs. The N.C. Department of Transportation is all set to rename it after the prominent 2000s-era Democratic leader.

But there’s a growing groundswell of people in the Dare County area who want the DOT to keep the name alone. The disagreement mostly appears to be about not wanting change, rather than disagreement with the politics of Basnight or former Congressman Herbert Bonner.

“This is probably a great example of change fatigue,” a Facebook organizer told the N&O in an interview. “They know it as the Bonner Bridge. It’s what they’ve always known it as down here. There’s no compelling reason to rename it.”

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