Pat McCrory says again he won’t run for 9th Congressional District this year

After teasing the North Carolina political world yet again, former Gov. Pat McCrory repeated Monday that he won’t run for Congress in the 9th Congressional District this year.

McCrory had first said he wouldn’t run a few weeks ago, when Republican Mark Harris was still fighting to be seated in the U.S. House. But last week, Harris joined calls for a new election after four days of hearings into allegations of absentee by mail ballot fraud in his race. The State Board of Elections then voted to require one.

On Twitter, McCrory acknowledged on Sunday night that conditions had changed and told people to listen in to his radio show Monday morning.

However, his message did not change. McCrory reiterated that he will not run for Congress in 2019, instead opting to ficus on his radio show this year and keeping options open for governor in 2020 and U.S. Senate in 2022.

He cited the gauntlet a potential candidate would have to run with this special election.

“Whoever makes this commitment is making one heck of a commitment, especially if they’re not wealthy,” McCrory said on the radio.

After campaigning hard in 2019, the winner of the 9th Congressional District would almost immediately have to start running for 2020. Complicating matters, North Carolina might need to redraw district boundaries this year or next, and will certainly need to before 2022.

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